2016 Asking questions to guide exploration


To understand differential protein expression between oysters in different temperature treatments through development, we need to ask some questions first. Please refer to the NMDS plot created in earlier post.

1) For all replicates, how does protein expression change from Day 3 to Day 5? What are some of the most differentially expressed proteins?

2) What happens at Day 9? What are the differences between silos at Day 9?

3) Why does Silo 9-29C move up Axis 2 by Day 9? What are differentially expressed proteins between Silo 3 and Silo 9 on Day 11 and 13?

4) Why does Silo 2-23C move right on Axis 1 on Day 11 and 13 when the biological replicate Silo 3-23C does not?

Written on April 29, 2017